Think before you make a social media post

Last week a Facebook post rolled across our company’s stream and caught our eye – just not exactly in a good way. Out of respect to this business, we’ll refrain from identifying them (even though a screenshot of their post would have made a great visual here, dang it!). The post read:

“Don’t forget to listen to our radio ad playing tonight during the [town] vs. [other town] football game on [radio station]!”

Think about that for a second. In other words, “we would like to advertise that we’ll be advertising tonight. Make sure you listen to our ad so we can convince you to buy something!” If this were 10 years ago, I wonder if they would have sent direct mailer postcards the week before the big game to advertise their ad? That would have been expensive, so yay for social media!

Believe me when I say that social media posts should not be over-thought. Success is about reacting quickly. Long approval processes eliminate the opportunity to post something timely. If companies buy into this, kudos to them. BUT – that doesn’t mean you should post without thinking.

Consider these questions before going post-happy:

  • Does this post support what my company is trying to accomplish as a business?
  • Does it provide valuable information for my audience that will help them do their job better? Or am I just promoting my company?
  • Is the content of this post relevant and appropriate for my brand’s image? Does it support the culture and brand perception we wish to project?

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