Drive Your Work With Data w/ Jon Thompson

The Manufacturing Executive: Episode 18

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Episode show notes

Twenty years ago, we barely had enough info to measure our impact. Today, manufacturing marketers are overwhelmed with data, and everyone wants to sell us software to find, store, clean, surface, and use that data.

Why is data such a big buzzword in business, especially manufacturing?

On this episode of the podcast, I invited Jon Thompson, co-founder and senior partner at Blue Margin Inc, a company of 38 consultants and engineers who help mid-market companies with an emphasis on industrials use their data to create growth.

Jon and I talked about:

  1. Why data needs visibility from the c-suite all the way to the frontline
  2. The idea of numbers as a motivator
  3. The biggest challenges manufacturers face when controlling and using their data

Here’s Jon’s book, as referenced during the episode:

The Dashboard Effect: Let Your Data Do The Work

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