A long, scrolling compilation of some of our favorite logos

While our focus has changed to be more on the digital experience of a B2B brand, we still like to get our hands dirty and do some logo work every now and then. And below, these are a few of our favorite examples.

Recent additions to the portfolio

These are the most recent logos we’ve done. Joe had to tap his inner illustrator for Big Ed’s bucketmouth and go a little bit retro on Franko Small Engines and Molldeli’s.

The most recent logos designed by Gorilla 76

Fan favorites

These are the logos we hear are “my favorite” time and time again. Some logos take weeks for us to concept and develop. The Hewlett logo took two hours. We have to give some props here to former G76 intern Ali Crouch for her work on the Red Brick logo. Great stuff Ali. This one’s still turning heads.

Fan favorite logos by Gorilla 76

The early days

The Somark Innovations logo was traded for a case of Newcastle beer in 2006. The others below were designed around the same time for enough to buy about two more cases. (An exception goes for Dead Mike’s, who inspired the drafting of our first master service agreement when they didn’t pay us for the job.) Looking back, we’d call it even if we got a case of beer.

Logos designed in the early days of Gorilla 76

Branding ourselves

This is a task that rarely gets enough attention: marketing firm branding themselves. We’ve evolved quite a bit since 2006 and we’re finally happy with where we landed…for now.

Branding ourselves at Gorilla 76

The best of the rest

“The best of the rest” doesn’t mean we’re not proud of these too.

More logos designed by Gorilla 76

Which are your favorites?

Or which ones to you think stink? Let us know below. We’re curious.

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