So, with the new year and all, change, business refocus and other “good stuff” is inevitable. Everyone else is compiling these lists of what and how they’re going to accomplish goals and such – figured we’d do the same.


  1. More blogging. Lots more blogging. We’re doing okay on the micro side of things, but don’t write enough on the macro. We preach it to our clients but we have a hard time doing it ourselves. Yep – need to fix that.
  2. More reading. Lots more reading. Industry stuff. Fun stuff. A library of everything. We think it’s important for inspiration, and, well, the old noggin in general.
  3. Quit letting the award annuals pile up. We love looking through them – so, we should probably do it. It’s a good way to find inspiration and learn from the greats.
  4. More sack lunches and sample days at Straub’s. This whole Central West End thing is hurting the pocketbook. First Herbie’s, now Pi. It’s getting ugly.
  5. Continue to pursue hobbies. I just got a nice camera – I want to use it more and really learn the craft of taking a good photo. Joe likes to cook – he should do that more. Hobbies are important. They help keep you sharp and focused at the 9-“5”.
  6. Encourage clients to do “due diligence” of research. Makes for much more effective work in long run.
  7. Continue to be a student of SEO. A local ad guru told me it grew 5,000% last year. Ummm…probably need to stay on top of that then.
  8. Always keep the big picture in mind. Always.
  9. Make it to the West Coast on business. Seattle’s been calling our name. Hmmm…Filson is in Seattle.
  10. Continue to hit the gym. We bought company passes to a nice little fitness club. Unfortunately, the weights don’t lift themselves. The person signing us up forgot to mention this.
  11. More brainstorming over beers.
  12. Rework biz plan. That’s a goal every year. We did it last year and helped a good deal. Keeps things fresh. Keeps you focused and on-task. A business plan is a living and breathing thing. Needs to be treated that way.
  13. Stay up on daily inspiration. Blogs, Twitter links (deep breath – can get overwhelming).
  14. Hire a new Gorilla or two. We’re getting to that point. We have a couple great candidates in mind. They’d be tremendous assets to the team.
  15. Redo our Gorilla website. We have some great ideas and sketches. But, we need something that’s clickable.
  16. Continue to build relationships with current client base. We’re blessed with a good one, need to keep them all on board by offering them good thinking and great service.
  17. Most importantly, continue to have fun while doing it all.

All the best in the new year – hope it’s prosperous to you and yours.