Mitch Meyers – a name once on the Rolodex of marketers nationwide. One of the well-known beer executives of the 80s and 90s, Mitch is former CEO of Zipatoni in St. Louis where she retired in 2003. She is now a proprietor of Maison de Chanticleer, a French-country interior design boutique in Edwardsville, Illinois and current client of Gorilla 76. We think Mitch is one of the smartest people we’ve ever met.

Introducing Gorilla 76

by Mitch Meyers

former CEO of Zipatoni / current proprietor of Maison de Chanticleer

Before setting out on a small business venture in my retirement, I worked in the wacky world of marketing myself. I started in the field right out of college, working around town in a variety of settings for an array of clients – both good and bad.

In my years in marketing, I’ve been fortunate with great experience. I’ve worked on great brands with great people, learning collectively the importance and true impact of intelligent marketing. It’s more than just good creative and it’s more than just smart thinking – it’s a marriage of both, resulting in brilliant, beautiful work that will help build a well-constructed brand.

These same principles carry over to the realm of small business. The brand may be in its infancy, but the importance of the well-packaged brand is not diminished. In this challenging business environment, that is the first step in creating the foundation for the future.

With that said, I’m excited to announce the official launch of a local, small business brand-building group – Gorilla 76.

I’ve been working with Joe and Jon since the opening of my retail store in 2006. These guys were eager to understand what we were about, and quickly developed a “voice” for our communication materials. Within weeks, we had a framework for the website, a site that really brought the in-store experience to life. They’ve also assisted us with additional marketing materials since our launch.

Don’t be fooled by their youthful looks and exuberance, they bring serious thinking to your project and business. As we finish our second year, I find them suggesting thinking that keeps us re-evaluating our marketing programs.

These guys are definitely a breath of fresh air.