St. Louis-based B2b web marketing agency Gorilla 76 has officially renewed its 501(c)Free agreement with Brightside St. Louis (formerly Operation Brightside) and will be listed as group’s digital marketing agency of record moving forward. All of Gorilla 76’s services are provided to Brightside St. Louis at no cost.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to use our marketing knowledge to help grow a nonprofit that does so much for our city,” said Joe Sullivan, thinker and designer at Gorilla 76. “We’re excited that Mary Lou and team have agreed to have us back for another year. It’s a cool way for us to sort of say ‘thanks’ to Brightside, as residents and business owners in the city.”

Gorilla 76 kicked off year one of its initiative with Brightside St. Louis in summer of 2011. Year-one work has included rebranding, social media development and an entirely new web presence. Year-two services will include continued website development, increased social media efforts and an email marketing strategy, as well as additional services as needs arise.

“We wanted to be their go-to guys for anything web-marketing related,” said Dan Rashid, thinker and coder at Gorilla 76.  “It looks like we’re going to get that opportunity and we couldn’t be happier.”

2012 marks the 30th anniversary of Brightside St. Louis, a nonprofit that cleans and greens the city of St. Louis. Programs include graffiti eradication, their Demonstration Garden, daffodil plantings along the area’s highways, plantings at City Hall, beautification projects across the city, and the group’s annual, multi-week, city-wide clean-up event – Project Blitz.

“We could not be more excited to have the guys from Gorilla 76 helping Brightside for another year. They give real meaning to the phrase ‘freshen a brand’,” said Mary Lou Green, Brightside St. Louis Executive Director.  “Jon, Joe and Dan are creative, enthusiastic and willing to tackle any project and this positve energy comes across in everything that they do.”