And that’s why he always works with an agency. Big project or small one-off, Dr. Hewlett knows the importance of keeping things consistent. Additionally, he always looks to do something interesting – even with the smallest of canvases.

Initially, we were brought in to help with branding, signage, stationery and an overall vision for the brand – all important stuff that’s essential in building a brand. One idea that Dr. Hewlett liked from the beginning was the thought of always providing a dental tip for his patients on all pieces of brand collateral and communication. We agreed that it was smart and that it matched his thoughtful demeanor.

So when he commissioned us to create a few one-off ads for different “publications” (church bulletins and local high-school sports calendar) that were very relevant to his consumer base, we knew it was a chance to do something different – a chance to play off the “voice” of the publications.

First, the church-bulletin ads. Dr. Hewlett wanted to help two local parishes by buying some ad space on the back of their weekly bulletins. A breeding ground for work that blends in, he wanted to do something that stood out from the clutter. So, we did the below two ads, ensuring that we kept true to his desire to always communicate a dental tip.

And then the high-school sports calendar – another opportunity to do something that breaks free from the surrounding clutter. Again, our focus was to keep the design visually consistent and to provide messaging true to his established brand strategy.

Our message with this post is to always think beyond the simple solution. Sometimes the safest option is the best option. But, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes there’s an opportunity to make someone…smile.