The point of marketing is to find, attain and keep customers for the sake of growing your business. Easy enough, right?

Marketing shows up in many forms, with many names and styles that can begin looking like a word cloud ­– sure, the words are familiar, but what does it all mean? We specialize in implementing an inbound marketing strategy and an essential element to this strategy is great content.

While it’s not the end all be all, content probably has the most profound effect on your overall marketing efforts. Where companies fail and others succeed often has to do with the effectiveness of the content being produced.

But how does it work?

Content makes you visible during the search phase of the industrial buying process

The easy place to start is by producing content with search engine optimization (SEO) practices. This strategy of creating informative content geared around what people are searching for is done with the purpose of appealing to Google and other search engines.

The more appealing our content is, the higher our content can appear in search results and the better the likelihood people will visit. In our world of instant gratification, people want excellent information and they want it available immediately, which is why those first few spots on a search engine results page is key.

The purpose of SEO driven content is to build awareness and bring people to our site. Google’s algorithm is complex and knows the difference between well-crafted content and bad content that doesn’t provide anything of value other than the keyword being repeated a few times. Producing compelling content helps Google understand your business as a strong source of information related to the keywords being targeted.

Exceptional content attracts links and is a part of our link building efforts, an important factor in legitimizing your website in a search engine’s eyes. Write great content and people will seek it out.

Content qualifies your business during the evaluation phase of the industrial buying process

The next objective of the content is to provide educational information essential to potential clientele. By preemptively answering their questions and addressing their pain points, you immediately begin to establish trust and position yourself as an expert in the industry.

Engineers are often buyers in the industrial market. They tend to get most of their information prior to making a purchase through search engines and peer recommendations. It’s important for the content to be framed to appeal to the decision makers and buyers. By feeding them problem-solving content, you’re nurturing visitors and driving them to become sales-qualified leads.

Content helps you convert visitors into leads

Ultimately, the goal of content is to drive visitors to convert into leads. The content that lives on your site works to bring potential clients and educate them. The next step is to entice them to trade contact information for gated resources, typically in depth content that provides a deep understanding of a niche aspect of the services you provide.

This action of trading contact information for resources generates the lead for your sales team to follow up with. Additionally, the sales team will find the content beneficial for increasing their efficiency and making their interactions with prospects more meaningful.

Does it all really work?

Let’s keep it simple. You’re here, on this page, reading this article. How did you get here? Was it through a Google search? Did you end up here through exploration of our website’s Learning Center? Maybe someone referred you. The point is, you’re here reading this article because we created the content along with many other pieces of content aimed to draw visitors to our site and educate them. It’s simply a piece of the puzzle.

We have the tools, knowledge and ability to transform your website into a forge for compelling and effective content. Additionally, we can track, monitor and report on the content efforts and their effectiveness.

Ready to learn more? Start by downloading our guide to lead generation.