So often, companies will unintentionally put up walls that make it really challenging for their prospects to start a sales conversation.

Here are a few things that create friction:

Passive contact us buttons

So many manufacturers’ websites fail to call their visitors to action. They stick a passive “Contact Us” button in the top right corner of the website instead of placing “Request a Quote” buttons in context through their product pages.

Too many form fields

Do you really need to collect 18 data points from a website visitor through a form that takes them 10 minutes to fill out? Or can you just get their name, company name and contact info? They want to talk to you!

Too slow to reply to RFQ form submissions

Reply in minutes (or at the very least, hours). Not days. Your competitors have already won by then.

All of that considered, here are a few things that most manufacturers aren’t doing (but easily could) to eliminate buying-process friction:

Use a calendar booking app

Simple software applications like Calendly cost a few dollars per month and sync with your Outlook or G Suite calendar. Include a booking link on your website. Or send your prospect that link when you reply to the RFQ form submission.

Trial a live chat

Not an automated chatbot. Live chat. With a real person that has a heartbeat. It’s inexpensive. It’s easy. It’s human.

Talk about pricing:

We’ve covered this topic in depth in this video. In short, be as transparent and detailed as you possibly can about how you price your products or services.

At the very least, give a range and explain the differences between the high and low ends. Talk about a typical timeline to achieve positive ROI. Talk about total cost of ownership. If you don’t, someone else will. Control that narrative yourself.