If you’re skeptical about the idea of “social media marketing”, let’s give it a new name and then reconsider. Social media marketing at its core is real-time marketing. I came across this idea this morning in a Marketing Over Coffee podcast interview with David Meerman Scott (an author and marketing speaker).

Real-time marketing isn’t about building long-term, planned out campaigns. It’s about recognizing what’s happening right now, and being part of that conversation.

Try using Twitter to answer customer service requests. Try LinkedIn as a tool to extend a customer relationship after the meeting is over. Write a blog post that provides commentary on a major happening in your industry, and do it right now while it’s still relevant. Be part of the conversation. You have the power to make yourself a thought leader.

Social media are no more than tools that can help you with real-time marketing. So maybe start thinking about developing a real-time marketing strategy.