We’re big on results at Gorilla. If a company is going to spend money on marketing, our belief is that said company should expect to make more money. After all, marketing is an investment. And that return on investment (ROI) is the entire point of marketing. Spend money to make more money. It’s a pretty simple concept. But surprisingly, it seems to be ignored by many.

While we’ve detailed success that we’ve seen with some of our clients in our industrial marketing case studies, I wanted to share how Hubspot, paired with our marketing philosophy and practices, is helping us make strides in industrial inbound marketing. In this particular case, we’re going to look at our client TruQC. They’re a quality control app for the iPad.

A cold, hard case for industrial inbound marketing

TruQC provides integrated, real-time quality control documentation for the iPad. They’ve been a client of Gorilla since their inception, and they’ve been on the Hubspot platform since February 2014. As of August 2015, they’ve seen a 125% return-on-investment.

Since starting with Hubspot, TruQC has landed 54 customers that originated as leads in Hubspot, at an average value of $3,600 per customer. In total, they’ve spent $86,500 (both agency fees and software fees included) since starting on the Hubspot platform. They’ve acquired 18 customers through organic search, 1 through referral traffic, 2 through social media, 5 through email marketing and 28 through direct traffic.

In February of 2014, TruQC’s baseline for organic traffic was 289 total visits. In May, June and July of 2015, they received 817, 922 and 918 (respectively) visits via organic search. Contacts acquired from search went from an average of 6.5 per month in 2014 to 17.5 per month in 2015. In February of 2014, the baseline for total traffic was 1,025. In July of 2015, total visits were at 1,822.


Using the Hubspot platform and industrial inbound marketing best practices (hey – they work with us!), TruQC, a company of fewer than ten people, has been afforded the opportunity of always having leads come to them. Additionally, the lead data that Hubspot provides has been invaluable as well. There has certainly been off-line success, but inbound leads have been significant and fruitful, and important to the growth of their business. TruQC has not only seen domestic success, but international success also. Without the web, and the practice of inbound marketing, such growth would have been much more difficult.

Hubspot works well, but it’s just a tool. A company must still understand, follow and implement best inbound practices. That’s where we come in.