You can’t sell if you don’t know who you’re selling to. Before we can help you grow your revenue, we first have to pinpoint your buyer. We help you develop an in-depth picture of your ideal customer and the message you want to deliver to them. We identify not only the industries and types of companies you want to attract, but also the actual people who play a role in their buying processes.

For many of our industrial clients, these individuals have titles like “Design Engineer,” “Plant Manager,” “Procurement Manager” and “President.” Regardless of who yours might be, we take you through a thorough buyer persona development process to document the role each plays, their challenges and other buying-process needs.

Next, we craft your outward-facing message. We focus on the value you deliver and how you do it. When your perfect-fit customers discover you, you want them to say, “This is what I need and this company understands me.”

The buyer-persona profiles and messaging we develop together in this stage are our blueprint for every marketing decision we make moving forward.

Having identified your ideal customer and crafted the message aimed at reaching them, it’s time to strengthen the medium that will carry the message. That means beefing up your website infrastructure.

Case Study: Increasing website contacts 650 percent in two years for a national construction company
“We’ve seen steady growth in traffic and leads since launching the new site back in 2015. By refining our digital marketing strategy to focus on the biggest conversion opportunities, we’ve seen more engaged visitors that convert into tangible leads for the business development team to pursue. Obviously, Gorilla has played a key role in that process.”

-Todd Imming, CMO, The Korte Company