Implementation Services

Manufacturers who don’t have in-house marketing teams capable of executing the plans we create for them in their Road Maps, need someone to get the work done.

So for most of our clients, we play both the role of Strategist/Consultant and Implementer.

Our team of 20 handles a range of implementation work that includes positioning, copywriting, video production, SEO (search engine optimization), website development and optimization, email, account-based marketing and sales enablement.

Our team’s skill sets

Collectively, our team at Gorilla possesses the following core skill sets:

  • Marketing Strategy. Our strategy team specializes in the research, creation of strategies and measurement of results. Some key skill sets include content strategy, SEO (search engine optimization), website optimization, email marketing and sales enablement.
  • Copywriting. Equipped with journalism backgrounds, our writers are experts at extracting knowledge from the brains of our clients’ subject matter experts and translating that into written content that resonates with their audiences.
  • Videography. Video is becoming more and more important to industrial marketing. From raw video interviews to webinars to high-production branded content, we can help you plan and implement a video marketing strategy.
  • Design. Our designers are as much consultants as they are designers. Well versed in UX (User Experience), user flows and conversion optimization, it’s their job to create a visual experience on your website that engages visitors and directs them into your sales funnel.
  • Development. Our developers work closely with our design team to bring creative concepts to life and with our strategy team to ensure best SEO and conversion optimization practices are implemented. Our development team primarily utilizes PHP, JavaScript and HTML/CSS.
  • Client Service & Project Management. We pride ourselves on exceptional client service. Each of our clients has a dedicated Account Coordinator that serves as a liaison – there to answer calls and keep projects on track.

Typical costs for our implementation services

On our Services overview page, we outline how our process plays out in more detail. But in short, following the Industrial Marketing Road Map project (our starting place with all new clients), a Phase One Implementation typically plays out over 6-12 months. Including our fees, a paid media budget, software and sometimes other third-party specialist fees, most of our clients invest between $120-175K during this stretch, under the assumption our team is implementing for them.

With some clients, it makes more sense for us to play a Consulting role, where these costs will be lower (and they handle the implementation internally under our guidance).

Following a Phase One implementation, many of our clients move into ongoing engagements with us. In these cases, we enter a rinse-and-repeat process of continuous improvement, typically working in three-month cycles. Again assuming that our team is implementing on our client’s behalf, $7500-10,000/month is a good benchmark. Some of our clients spend well above that figure, depending on how much fuel they’re choosing to throw on the fire.