The Hiring & Retention Roadmap

Hiring for manufacturing and industrial jobs has proven challenging in recent years. And once you hire, retention is just as important — cost for replacement is high and forces your team to start the recruitment process all over again.

When looking to hire, you’re probably asking yourself how to:

  • Get job posts in front of the right people?
  • Keep a strong talent pool to pull from when someone leaves?
  • Ensure a smooth onboarding (and even offboarding) process that reflects company values?
  • Maintain those values over time and turnover?

The answers to these questions look a lot different than they did just 10 years ago. The hiring process has changed, evolved, digitized, whatever you want to call it — and companies need to act accordingly.

To connect with potential hires, you need a modernized hiring process, the right digital tools, and value-oriented culture building. With these foundations in place, the right people will find your company and say, “I want to work there.”

What is the Hiring & Retention Roadmap?

This service is designed to help your company navigate the ever-changing waters of modern hiring and culture building. We’ll learn about your hiring goals and company culture, then make recommendations of website updates, HR software, review best practices, onboarding improvements and more — all tailored to your company’s needs.

The goal of this package is to help you continue culture-building efforts, retain employees, hire more effectively and get job posts in front of the right people.

How it works

Step 1: Employer Branding Mapping

We’ll start with this 1- to 2-hour workshop with your President, HR Director and main contact over Zoom or in-person.

Building off information you’ve provided in a discovery survey, we’ll discuss your company’s core values, understand your hiring, retention and culture building goals and learn what assets you have available (such as video assets and Glassdoor review processes).

After the workshop, our team will interview three to five recent hires and longstanding employees and follow-up on any information not covered in the workshop or interviews.

Step 2: The Hiring & Retention Roadmap

Next, our team will put together the HR Roadmap, an implementation proposal of next steps for the next four to six weeks to meet your hiring, retention and culture building goals.

Our recommendations will vary from company to company, but can include:

  • A careers page template (click here to see what yours could look like) and development of other HR-related pages, such as a recognition page
  • Production of a company culture video, employee video bios and other video assets to showcase your team members in action
  • Establishing best practices for Glassdoor, Indeed and Google review requests
  • Setting up HR software like OfficeVibe and providing guidance on how best to utilize the tools
  • Social media consulting with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and / or Twitter to demonstrate your company culture online
  • A written manifesto (here’s ours) for a formal documentation of company core values
  • Core value implementation in website copy, job posting language and other relevant messaging
  • Brainstorms for culture, onboarding and benefit improvements and best-fit recommendations

How we measure success

As you can see from the variety of components listed above, we approach hiring, retention and culture building from all angles — and do so to generate quantified results for your company.

We’ll measure success through:

  • Traffic to Careers page
  • Growth to social channel followers and interactions
  • Application volume growth (specifically qualified ones)
  • Acceptance rate of first choices
  • Cost per hire
  • OfficeVibe number improvement (learn more about these reports here)

Our approach to hiring and culture building

Throughout the last decade we’ve established ourselves as experts and thought leaders in B2B lead generation and marketing. We apply these same strategies to zero in on your target audience (in this case, the most qualified people in your fields) to build up your bench of first choice hires.

We’ve also built out this process for our own team.

When we hire, we start with a strong pipeline (often more than 100 applicants in some positions) and almost always land our first-choice applicant. OfficeVibe considers an Employee Net Promoter Score from 10 to 50 to be a good score; we’re typically near 50 on average. Turnover is low, also — we’re at under 5% in an industry with a 30% turnover average. And when someone does leave, we’ve been able to fill their position within four weeks.

Our team is experienced in B2B lead generation and forward-thinking HR practices. We have proven processes in place — and will show you how to generate these results for your company, too.