A private, remote workshop for your team

Cost: $2500
Length: 3 hours

In this private, remote workshop, we’ll help your team quickly pivot from reliance on trade shows, knocking on doors and print ads to more nimble, less overhead-heavy online business development strategies.

Here’s how the private workshop is structured:

  • Prep: You’ll complete a concise Discovery Survey (this will take 30 minutes) to give us sufficient background information and help us prep accordingly.
  • Hour 1: We’ll ask very pointed questions to help round out our understanding of your buyers and how their needs align with the value your products/services deliver.
  • Hour 2: Based on the information we’ve collected and discussed about your target audience, your internal resources (team and budget) and your competitive space, we’ll show you what strategies and tactics we believe your company is best suited to implement effectively RIGHT NOW. These may include building lists, email, video prospecting, hyper-targeted paid advertising and/or other approaches.
  • Hour 3: We’ll formulate an action plan together to put all of this in motion as quickly as possible. We’ll show you the tools to select and demonstrate how you can put them to use.
  • Post Workshop: We’ll schedule a one-hour follow-up meeting (via Zoom) with you sometime in the two weeks following the Workshop to help you troubleshoot issues and guide your implementation.

We’ll record this workshop and send you a link the next day so you can revisit as needed and share with team members who weren’t able to attend.

If you’re interested, let’s chat. Fill out the form below or email Co-Founder Joe Sullivan at joe@gorilla76.com.

Note that we’re offering private workshops on two other topics as well:

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  2. Planning and Executing a Killer Content Strategy