A private, remote workshop for your team

Cost: $2500
Length: 3 hours

In this three-hour private training session (conducted remotely via Zoom) we’ll equip your team with the tools and messaging strategy to humanize your prospecting process with video.

Here’s how the private training is structured:

  • Prep: You’ll complete a concise Discovery Survey (this will take 30 minutes) to give us sufficient background information and help us prep accordingly. And we’ll send you instructions for downloading a $4/month prospecting tool ahead of time so you’re ready to go. We’ll also include a list of optional hardware to order or pick up locally if you want to kick things up a notch.
  • Hour 1: We’ll ask very pointed questions to help round out our understanding of your buyers and how their needs align with the value your products/services deliver. And together we’ll agree on a few simple customer pains or objectives we can lean on in your first prospecting videos.
  • Hour 2: Here we get tactical. We’ll teach you how to use an incredibly simple, web-based tool called Loom to record and send custom videos to your prospects. Near the end of this second hour, we’ll pause for 10 minutes or so while you record a rough draft of your first 1-to-2-minute video.
  • Hour 3: Together, we’ll look at one or two of your team’s rough draft videos, critique messaging and execution strategy briefly, and troubleshoot as needed. Then, we’ll conclude by sharing 12 tips to help you make these as effective as possible.
  • Post Workshop: We’ll schedule a one-hour follow-up meeting (via Zoom) with you sometime in the two weeks after the Workshop to help you work through issues, critique additional videos and guide your implementation.

We’ll record this workshop and send you a link the next day so you can revisit as needed and share with team members who weren’t able to attend.

If you’re interested, let’s chat. Fill out the form below or email Co-Founder Joe Sullivan at joe@gorilla76.com.

Note that we’re offering private workshops on two other topics as well:

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