B2B Website Design

We build B2B websites that are business development machines. Our sites work all day, every day, to attract qualified buyers, earn their trust, initiate real conversations with your sales team and nurture leads throughout the buying process. Our websites are not digital brochures. For our clients, those days are long gone.

Today, a website needs to…

  • Attract the right buyers through search engines and other sources.
  • Quickly confirm for visitors that they’re in the right place.
  • Educate through content that answers questions and helps solve problems.
  • Provide proof that the company has solved similar problems for similar customers.
  • Compel research-stage visitors to trade contact information for educational resources.
  • Drive evaluation-stage visitors to trade contact information for case studies, buyer guides, ROI calculators and more.
  • Compel visitors in the decision stage to request bids, samples and consultations.

In order to build a website that does all of the above, we follow a carefully planned process.

We start by auditing your existing website content, identifying holes and creating a sitemap that outlines the pages your new site will contain. Then we design wireframes – blueprints for each key page on your site that illustrate where text and image content will live on the page and where calls-to-action will be inserted. We also design user flow maps – diagrams that show how we intend to guide each of your buyers from the point at which they arrive on the site to the point at which they take a lead-generating action.

Next, our writers translate your expertise into written content through interviews of your team members, supplemented by research and any content you provide. Meanwhile, our designers bring the wireframes to life.

The final stage is development. We build all of our client websites on WordPress, the most widely-used content management system. This platform assures flexibility, allows for growth and avoids locking you into a proprietary software platform in case things don’t work out with Gorilla 76. All of our sites are mobile friendly.

Your website’s got the skeleton. Hang some flesh on the bones by creating a website traffic strategy using the messaging you know will attract your customers.