Demand Generation

Anywhere. And at any time. Those are the parameters for doing business today. But that’s only if you can be found. Companies that once relied on high-cost, high-traffic trade shows or being found first in the phone book are now focusing on being found on the web. And that’s something we can help with.

At Gorilla 76, we design and execute plans for attracting the right people from the right companies to you. Because being found means understanding who you need to attract and where they currently look for information, we zero in closely on the buyer personas we developed back in the Positioning stage. Then, we design a plan to target them where they’re already gathering information – in search engines, on industry websites and on social networking sites like LinkedIn.

At the core of your Demand Generation strategy is content. So, along with your team, we plan a content strategy that’s focused on answering the questions your ideal buyers frequently ask and providing the solutions they commonly seek. This discovery-centric content will serve as the nudge your ideal buyers need to say, “This company understands me.” It prompts them to fill out a consultation request form or pick up the phone.

Through a combination of search engine optimization, guest authorship on industry journals, social media and, in some cases, paid advertising, our job is to assure broad exposure for your content in front of your ideal buyers. The result is growth in targeted website traffic – the first step in generating qualified inbound leads.

Garnering lots of traffic is great, but only when it’s purposeful. Click here to learn what it takes to turn site visitors into leads.