Cool, but as cool as Elvis? Nope. Not a chance.

Stop and think about it. Would Elvis be as memorable if he had a common name? What would the legacy of the Presley brand be if he were a John, Joe or Steve?  Sure his crooning would still be regarded as remarkable. And sure his style would still be iconic. But the total package – I’m not sure it would be as powerful.

It’s no secret that giving your business a good, solid name is important – it’s a fundamental principle of starting a business. But just how important is it? Well the following article from the December 2008 issue of Inc. magazine seems to sum it up.

People want something memorable and interesting. People want something that’s easy to spell in a search engine. People want something a bit controversial and unexpected. As the above article suggests, if everyone likes it, it’s probably pretty lame.

And perhaps most important, a name needs to be something that you as a business owner feel confident about. Because ideally this is something that lasts. Changing a business name isn’t the end of the world (again, see aforementioned article), but everything is easier if you do naming right the first time.

-The writerly half