An answer to a St. Louis need

Launch is a St. Louis-based 501(c)3 that energizes and develops the next generation of leadership for cancer-related nonprofits in St. Louis. Not only have we built this brand from scratch, but we’re also proud to say that our two partners, Jon and Joe, helped build the actual nonprofit from scratch.

They volunteer their time and talents, not to receive recognition or business in return, but to make the people around them better. Gorilla 76 is a company that will not only elevate your company’s brand but the community around you.”

– Kevin Haar, Vice Chairperson of Launch St. Louis


Launch St. Louis branding

Our goal with all of the Launch work was to create a simple, iconic brand that would cater to a younger audience with discerning tastes, as well as local businesses and corporations that would become our partners. Our message at Launch is slightly hard to grasp. So the “Keep It Simple Stupid” approach drove branding and continues to drive messaging.

If by chance, you’re interested in getting involved with Launch, drop us a line. We happen to know some people.