Although it’s been nearly a week since Google’s Super Bowl spot aired, we thought, being really interested in advertising and all, we’d throw our two cents in.

So… we loved it. At first sight, too.

Now we get that Super Bowl ads usually tend to lean heavily on humor. But Google’s ad was a refreshing break from the flying chips and the talking babies. Why was this ad so great?


  • executed brilliantly with zero talent costs
  • used their interface as the visual, making it about as ownable as you can get
  • told a story (and a timely one at that with Valentine’s Day coming up)
  • tapped into the emotions of viewers (little humor going on, little love going on, some surprises going on)
  • had an ad that resonated through literal noise (think about how many ads you couldn’t hear because people were talking at your party)
  • and of course, it aligned with their platform – user friendly with no clutter and clean communication

In case you didn’t see it, the spot told a love story in a nonconventional way. It was simple. It was memorable. It was ingenious.


Have a great weekend. And happy Valentine’s Day.