Website as salesman

What’s a sale worth to your business? $100? $100,000? $10M? And how much have you invested in your sales force? Probably a lot. After all, someone needs to discover new prospects, get in front of them and convince them your business is the solution they seek. So you equip them with the training and tools they need to be successful. In return they bring you new prospects, new business, repeat business and more repeat business.

But what about your website?

The purpose of this article is not to convince you that your salesmen aren’t important. Believe us – we know what they mean to the success of your company and we’d never argue against it. But…we would like to hint at the possibility that this very important member of that team might be rather neglected. That team member is your website.

Business owner, meet your new star salesman

This salesman doesn’t sleep – he talks to prospects around the clock while you’re sleeping. He doesn’t take holidays or long lunches. This salesman doesn’t get paid on commission – he’s just happy to make a sale for you if you treat him right. This salesman doesn’t need expensive trade show tickets to close sales and certainly doesn’t require a fancy booth at that show. No hotels, per diems or flights are required to get in front of execs in California, New York or Dubai. And there are no checked bags full of elaborate print brochures to bring along either. This salesman isn’t an iPhone or Blackberry guy. He doesn’t need either – or a cell phone contract or a data plan to accompany it. He doesn’t require health or dental insurance. He’s never had a cavity.

But this salesman does require respect

He needs a foundation. He needs training on how to educate your prospects about your business. He needs to communicate how your business is different from the competition. He needs to understand what customers are looking for and be able to deliver that information before that customer walks away. And he needs to keep providing that customer with resources, updates and information that will help build trust and earn repeat business. He needs to understand when the time is right to ask for their business, and know when asking for their email address is enough.

His only challenge is that he can’t do it without your support. Give him what he needs to be successful and here’s what he’ll do for you.

He’ll discover new, qualified leads

When prospects search Google for the services and benefits your company offers, you can thank this salesman for having already provided Google with links to targeted articles, white papers and other resources that fill the prospect’s needs.

He’ll convince prospects you’re the right fit

When he visits with prospects, he’s buttoned up, eloquent and even a little bit charming. He has the right information and the personality that competitors lack.

He’ll always have a next step in mind

He never ends a conversation without asking for the next meeting. He asks them to visit him again next week to take a look at the new resources he’s going to post. He leaves prospects with PDF white papers for them to download for their bosses to demonstrate you’re the right fit. And he makes sure to grab their email address so he can follow up through a monthly newsletter.

He’ll continue conversation offline

He’s not pushy, but isn’t afraid to ask your prospects to call or fill out a form so you can take conversation offline. He understands some prospects are more comfortable with that, and he’s not offended by it.

He’ll blow away the competition

When trained and equipped with what he needs, this salesman is better than any the competitors have ever sent. He’s available around the clock and is constantly producing valuable resources, information and ideas for your prospects. He shows an understanding for their needs instead of just preaching about how great the company is. And because of that, he earns the respect of his customers and is always top of mind when they have a need to fill.

It’s time to invest in this salesman

He’s craving attention right now and if you choose to invest in him, he’s promising a very worthwhile return on that investment.


photo credit: John Fraissinet via photopin cc


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