“So you like Logo Option B. Perfect. We agree that it will work hard for you and is a very nice selection. What are your thoughts on the taglines we presented?”

“Oh, the taglines. Good. Yeah, they were good.”

“Superb. Which specific directions were you liking?”

“Wait, those are those mottos or whatever? I saw the logos and the business card executions. Then a document with a bunch of phrases that I didn’t really read. Was I supposed to read that?”

The above mirrors conversations I’ve found myself having more and more lately. The above is no knock on clients but instead a knock on us for not selling the importance of a strong tagline. I guess because it just makes sense to us. The tagline is one of those things that we just know is important. So, when challenged with why it’s important, it takes a second to step back and actually explain.

So, some thoughts on the importance of a strong tagline and elements of an effective one…

  • Whether a call to action, a slogan approach or just a simple, clean descriptor, framing your brand within a smart tagline is pertinent to long-term consistency in building a brand. It helps establish your voice, position you in the mind of your consumer and helps build a more memorable bit.
  • A tagline should portray a truth – something ownable to the brand. Ideally, your brand can make the claim and no one else can.
  • Your tagline should convey your established visual identity – the tagline should reflect the look and feel of your brand.
  • A tagline should portray a benefit – whether emotional or tangible. You have to give the consumer something to relate to and need to frame your brand in a way that is appealing.
  • The line should be built to endure. A good tagline lasts – think of Nike’s little nugget of brilliance – Just do it. It’s had quite a run.

So, the next time you’re thinking about using a new “phrase” for your “slogan”, think of the ingredients to baking a strong “tagline”. Hopefully, the above will help.

Thanks for reading,