Paulo is one of the largest heat treaters in North America, serving a wide array of manufacturers from tier 1 manufacturers in the high-precision aerospace industry all the way to local machine shops replacing their tooling equipment. Their metallurgy team is well-renowned for identifying ideal solutions that meet strength requirements for steel pieces within the production demands of expedited supply chains.

The problem: Growth in traffic and leads from a thriving inbound marketing program created a bottleneck of leads for the sales team.

The solution: A comprehensive and scalable email plan to improve communication with both new leads and returning customers

The result: 79% increase in time on site from Paulo branded emails and 52% increase in reconversions for downloadable content

“Working with Gorilla 76 has enabled us to share our knowledge with our customers and the marketplace at large. We’ve gotten great feedback and have seen an increased volume of inquiries as a result.”

– Phil Harris, Marketing Manager, Paulo

The problem

A recent website redesign paired with Paulo’s history and industry authority equaled a digital infrastructure primed for inbound marketing success. The first year of the Paulo and Gorilla 76 partnership lead to an 48% increase in traffic and a 60% increase in leads from the lead-generating infrastructure put in place.


Traffic growth across sources

With a system established for Paulo to continue to grow leads, their CRM and marketing automation needed systems to compliment the increase in volume of leads by nurturing current and future projected leads. Email to-date consisted of a single, monthly newsletter, so it presented the greatest opportunity to create more personalized conversations with leads no matter their stage in the buying process.

The solution

Their email marketing consisted of two complementary strategies. First, monthly newsletters were segmented to customize regular emails for the specific lead’s attributes and preferences. Then, workflows triggered emails based on qualifying events, like a specific guide download or a newsletter subscriber’s length of inactivity, to create touchpoints in stages of the buying journey where engagement is critical.

The segmentation of leads is based on two features: buyer persona—defined according to job role—and mailing frequency. The frequency options include monthly and bi-weekly with an option at the point of subscribing and in the footer of every email to adjust the frequency for greater or fewer emails.

The other feature, buyer persona, was defined by a previously existing job title field that generalized an individual’s role according to their level of participation in manufacturing operations and the heat treat decision making process. While an operations manager or in-house metallurgist has a strong propensity to learn more on improving heat treating specifications or methods of hardness testing, a lead from an executive team has a greater interest in the financial stability of their vendors. Therefore, this segmentation became a heavy influencer in the content types that would be sent to either persona.


Two step newsletter subscribe

The other side of the coin—the email workflows—served a wide array of touchpoints in the buyer’s journey for Paulo. Primarily, automated emails were sent to those who downloaded one of Paulo’s white papers to provide additional copies to lead’s inboxes for later reference. They were also followed up with additional resources related to the respective white paper topic as well as information regarding Paulo’s capabilities.

In addition to email workflows based on website form completions, we developed workflows to compliment trade shows and to reengage customers and newsletter subscribers. Rather than manual follow ups from new prospects met at trade shows, Paulo can send automated email to leads as they are entered into their CRM. Further, leads who have not opened an email or visited Paulo’s site in months receive emails to confirm their subscription or choose to opt out. This email workflow performs two-fold to reengage contacts with Paulo and to clean Paulo’s email database of uninterested subscribers.

The result

In the first four months of these campaigns, open rates for the automated emails averaged 46% and click rates averaged 21% for Paulo’s recommended resources. As for on-site behavior, traffic from emails spent 79% more time on the site than previous emails, increasing to five minutes on average. In addition to site revisits, leads downloaded additional resources 52% more often than the same time period before.

In the first four months, open rates for automated emails averaged 46% and click rates averaged 21%.

The contacts within Paulo’s email database represent the most highly engaged users from their website—individuals who have opted to trade contact information for educational resources. These leads are most engaged and most likely to request a quote for heat treating services.

As we continue to learn about these leads and their interests, we are able to continually assess the email strategies for opportunities to improve and provide better resources to those leads. If you’re seeking a better method for keeping up with your leads, request a consultation and let’s discuss what opportunities exist to improve your business.


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