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The Manufacturing Executive: Episode 51

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If the Wright brothers lived in the 21st century, they might be the Lonsberry boys. Andy Lonsberry earned his Ph.D. by researching machine learning and artificial intelligence for bipedal walking robots. His brother focused on biologically spiking recurrent neural networks.

Together, they dived deep into allowing nonlinear systems to learn how to improve themselves. Then these two Ohio boys and their autonomous robot traveled to the west coast in search of funding. The trio came home with $15 million.

In this episode of The Manufacturing Executive, Andy Lonsberry, founder and CEO at Path Robotics, an AI robotics software company, talks about how the midwest houses the future of robotics.

Here’s what Andy and I discussed:

  1. How Path Robotics got its start
  2. Uncovering automation talent in the midwest
  3. How machine learning and AI are starting to change the manufacturing game

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