An interview on the B2B Growth podcast

I recently sat down with Logan Lyles of Sweet Fish Media on the B2B Growth podcast to break down the very similar methodology both our firm and theirs have developed for creating a substantial volume of expert content in a condensed period of time.

You can listen to the episode – “3 Benefits to Content Creation Batching” below or find it here on Apple Podcasts.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • The best way to produce exceptional content is to leverage the collective knowledge of your company’s subject matter experts.
  • By interviewing your experts and recording everything on video, you maximize content creation opportunities.
  • Spending a full day (or more) with your experts not only helps you develop a better understanding of their insights, but helps you build relationships and trust with them.
  • The efficiency gains of producing content in large batches (as oppose to bit by bit over time) are significant.