I learned from a client last week that they had recently pitched a big job (like a one million dollar job) for Company X, a prospective customer. But they didn’t get it. They bid too high. They were, however complimented by the organization on their level of professionalism, not only though the way they presented themselves, but through their website and marketing materials. Rewarding, right? Hardly. The value in your marketing ammo doesn’t lie in “looking good”. It’s about return on investment. Believe us – we get that.

But that’s not the end of the story.

A few weeks after the winning firm began work on the job, they proved to be inept. Slow start, poor communication, etc. So my client received a call from Company X, who had had fired that firm and wanted to hire them. Our guys “just presented themselves in a much more professional way.” They were told they looked much more buttoned up and Company X was going to take their chances that Digital marketing and return on investmentthe work would follow suit.

Just weeks later, that million dollar bill is the in pocket of my client, and they’ve already been hired for incremental work with Company X. Our client has told us straight up that the dollars they’ve invested over the last year in marketing has paid for itself many times over on one job alone.

Now before I claim this victory entirely for Gorilla 76, I want to give my client plenty of credit. They’re an awesome company. Their service is incredible. They have great, smart people on their staff. Marketing won’t get you too far without of all of those things. That said, I couldn’t help but leave that client meeting feeling pretty damn good.

Your investment in marketing can reap massive rewards if you approach it with a sound strategy and smart execution. Don’t half-ass it. Do it right and good things will happen.