And it seems pretty damn smart to us.

You can read the article here, but essentially they’re killing the one corporate account approach, and instead, giving each market its own voice.

The reason? Customization of content.

They were finding that people in Austin might be looking for equipment for a music festival or bags to carry around the campus of UT. But customers in Wash state, however, were looking for climbing gear and substantial mountaineering equipment. Two completely different needs that they weren’t catering to with previous social media efforts.

Sure this approach lays a certain level of trust in the hundreds of employees that are now voicing the brand online, but as Jordan Williams (manager of digital engagement for REI) said, it’s really no different than the trust that they give their employees at the in-store setting.

Just something we found interesting. How could you adjust your Twitter strategy to better cater content to your readers?

Food for thought. Have a great week.