This month, Esquire is running the article ”An Investment Like No Other” – a short but great piece about the importance and value of small business.

The article capitalizes on the notion that in a time of such investment turmoil, there is no place to put your money like the small mom-and-pop shops of America – very much that Wall Street to Main Street ideology that we were educated on during the last presidential race.

Why is it a good place to put some cash?

43 million Americans work for companies employing less than 100 workers. Throughout the past 15 years, small business has cranked 64% of the countries new jobs. More than 50% of American nonfarm GDP is created by small business.

As Mr. Kurson points out, small business is indeed big business. Not to mention, it offers personal rewards unattainable when working for the big guys. Cleaning toilets, stocking the fridge and swinging by the office to pick up the Saturday mail give you a certain satisfaction that you just can’t get in the corporate world. Sounds strange, but it’s so very true.

Mr. Kurson then goes on to offer three simple tips for making it happen. Tips that we’ve found to be of the utmost importance at Gorilla 76.

1. Learning QuickBooks is the single best thing you can do.

2. Cash flow is king. Or the lifeblood, as we’ve previously referred to it. Without it, well, you’re out of business.

3. Marketing is a must (obviously). This budget is tempting to cut. But don’t. Do you quit watering the lawn during a drought?

So, in closi…sorry, got to run. Last minute client meeting scheduled and our pantry is bare and the bathroom, well…