We’re a B2B industrial marketing agency

There are lots of marketing agencies out there — some big, some not-so-big, some tiny. There are cheap agencies, expensive ones, and agencies with a wide range of capabilities (just ask them). So, what makes us unique?

Three things set us apart

While we could feed you some eloquently crafted line of bull about how our work is unrivaled creatively and irresistible to your customer, we won’t. Instead, we’ll give you three concrete reasons we’re different and why you should hire us.

1. We work only with B2B companies

No consumer products. Just businesses selling products and services to other businesses. The three outcomes we work to produce for our B2B clients are targeted website traffic, qualified business leads and paying customers.

2. Industrial is our specialty

We primarily serve hard-hat wearing companies in industries like construction, manufacturing and engineering. Many of our clients deal with long sales cycles, so we’ve studied the B2B buying process long and hard.

3. Inbound marketing is our method

Today, the greatest opportunities to reach a targeted audience in a cost-effective way reside online. We focus on attracting our clients’ targeted audiences, educating them, building trust and nurturing them through the buying process. This is inbound marketing and we do it well.

Working with Gorilla

We’re a crew of marketing strategists, designers, copywriters, developers and, most importantly, thinkers. Meet our team.

Our clients will tell you that working with Gorilla is like working with an extension of their own company. Whatever working with us is like, we assure you it’ll be well worth the time and effort. We deliver marketing that produces results, and we’ve got the case studies to prove it.