Goal setting

Why are you considering a website rebuild in the first place?

What are three to five primary objectives you need to accomplish with your new site to consider it a success?

How much monthly traffic do you want to generate on your new website?

How many monthly leads do you want to capture for your sales team?

Audience identification

(Fill out one of these sheets for each primary audience segment.)

Size of company:
Geographic location:
Who at the company are you targeting (job title)?
What challenges does this person face?

How can your product or service help this person address those challenges?

How long is this person’s buying process and what does it look like?

Does this person conduct significant research before buying? Or does he or she buy quickly?

Content planning

What are the top-level content areas needed on your website? Examine some of your competitors’ sites to help generate ideas.

What are the most important keywords that you’ll want to rank for in Google searches? Again, examine your competitors’ sites as a starting point.

What existing company assets such as sales presentations, brochures, sell sheets or other materials are available that may translate to website content?

Who at your company can play a role in developing valuable content for your audience?

Conversion path planning

What actions do you want a visitor to take once he or she arrives on your website?

What offers can you provide in exchange for a visitor’s contact information? (For example, downloadable white papers, case studies, free trials, buyer’s guides and webinars)

Nurturing new leads

What will happen after someone fills out a contact form? Who will be alerted? Will he or she be added directly to a database?

How will new leads be nurtured over time so your company can build trust and remain top of mind?