These two things are true:

  1. Buyers of complex and costly industrial products or services rely on accurate information from people they trust to make business decisions.
  2. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

…and they guide the essence of subject matter interviews.

The engineers, executives and sales pros we talk to every day are the authorities in their fields. Their expertise is critical to any marketing program because their buyers need the facts and context they possess. You don’t invest in million-dollar machines on the advice of an endorsing celebrity who says it will make you seem cool. The bar is higher.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth all the time, effort and investment required to collect and package just a few moments of someone’s brainpower, realize what comes next: deployment to the audience. We want to put wheels and a big motor on that information; with the right distribution strategy, we add a GPS to it too. \

Imagine the value of this one conversation now multiplied thousands of times over. They may have said it only once, but the message is repeated thousands of times over.

That’s scale, and it’s so worth the investment.