Just saw a piece in a recent edition of the St. Louis Business Journal by Bob Boles. It was about improving one’s small business. Here are a few bullets we walked away with. Some really good stuff.

  • Service your customers to death or somebody else will.
  • Do you have all your people trained in sales, including your receptionist?
  • Remember when you own a small business, you’re unemployed until your next sale.
  • If your product is not priced right, you are not an owner, you are an employee.
  • Along with your employees, review the [business] plan every quarter, and rewrite it every year.
  • Your team. There should be three people on your team: a CPA, an attorney and an insurance person.
  • Without your health, your business is unimportant.

Thanks to Ellen and team at the Business Journal for continually providing relevant content. As a small business, we certainly appreciate it.