It’s been awhile since my last blog post (if I had a nickel for every time I said that!). A long while actually. I’ve just been busy. But this blog post was inspired by another project we’re doing at Gorilla so writing it, well, I couldn’t really come up with a good excuse not to write it.

For said project, I’ve been reviewing lots of company films. In reviewing these films, I stumbled across the below gem of a construction advertisement from The Korte Company and it reminded me that bar none, hands down, this is the best construction advertisement I’ve ever seen and has greatly inspired Gorilla’s work. I’d even argue it has indirectly influenced us to go down the path we have – that of specializing in construction advertising and B2B web-marketing.

Here’s the piece.

For what it’s worth – we didn’t do this piece. Not that you were assuming we did, but I just wanted to make it clear, as we handle all of The Korte Company’s current work (view case study). In fact, this project was done by Tom, Dick and Harry out of Chicago before we were ever even brought into the picture.

What makes this ad so great?

For one, it’s spot on. If you’ve met anyone from The Korte Company or have done any sort of business with them, this video captures their personality perfectly. They’re hard-working, not a bunch of suits, believe in the handshake and do the job right. Kudos to the creative team on this project – you wrote and directed a spot that felt as if you yourself worked at Korte. You created something ownable. That’s great advertising.

Second, it evokes emotion. If this point needs explanation, check your pulse. This piece makes me “believe in things again.” Makes me believe in a local company’s ability to go national. Makes me believe in the American dream and the idea that we can all leave our name on something big. After all, buildings affect all of us. A lot. But have you ever thought about the engineers and architects that crafted the masterpiece you call “the office” or “church” or “home?” Melodramatic? I say no. Watch the spot again. It’s that good.

With said emotion, comes the innate human need to share. And this spot makes me want to do just that. I remember the first time I saw this. I was an ad nerd. Still am actually (ask my friends). Immediately, I sent it to everyone I knew that would appreciate it. That’s because it evoked emotion in me. It’s because it had an element that I wanted again and again. It told a story I’d never grow tired of – still haven’t today, in fact. This construction advertisement had the components of viral advertising. I love that. Especially in unexpected places. But here’s a question – why is it unexpected? Why is the bar set so low in construction advertising and industrial marketing?

Finally, plain and simple, it’s beautiful. Flawless, really. Great copywriting is a disappearing trade. And I think we have the internet and mobile devices to thank for that. Yes, people are writing more than ever, but it’s all about “good enough” now. Not “perfection” like it used to be. I’m guilty. There’s no doubt. So it’s very apparent when a copywriter, who’s great at his craft, has had his hands on a piece. And this piece, well, such a writer has definitely penned.

How this all applies to construction advertising today

“Great” you’re probably thinking. “But how does this apply to me. I can’t afford a big budget piece like that. And really, what kind of ROI does such a piece deliver?”

To be honest, in today’s time and place in B2B marketing and construction advertising, and knowing the potential of web-marketing, I’d argue that it is tough to justify a large spend on a piece of construction advertising like this. After all, it’s no secret that budgets aren’t exactly fat in AEC marketing right now. And construction advertising like the above – it ain’t cheap. But the takeaway is this – take your marketing serious. Strive for perfection. Capture your brand in a way that others crave. Lose sleep over that eighth of an inch!

Whether a blog, online video series, or just a well-written website that is sales smart (lots of strategic calls-to-action), your online presence needs to do more than just be “cool”. It needs to deliver leads, nurturing and thought leadership. It needs to help you grow your business. We’ve put together a guide to help b2b industrial companies do just that.