The Gorilla 76 Women in Marketing Scholarship

Deadline: Monday, August 6th by noon CST

Award amount: $750 for the Fall 2018 semester

There’s a disparity in gender representation in the digital marketing industry and we want to do something about it. That’s why we’ve created The Gorilla 76 Women in Marketing Scholarship.

We’re looking for a sophomore or upperclassman who is both inspired and inspiring and will use her knowledge and passion to succeed in our field of results-driven marketing.

To Apply

Send application to

In the body of the email please include: name, phone number, college/university, major, and anticipated graduation date.

Application materials

  • Résumé with college GPA
  • Essay responses in 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced


1) At Gorilla 76, we want to become the best industrial B2B marketing agency in the nation. To accomplish this, each member of our team strives to do their best and takes charge when needed. But that equality isn’t represented across the board in the marketing industry. In fact, research indicates that women are less likely than men to hold higher-ranking, decision-making positions in the online marketing industry. Who or what has inspired you to want to become a leader in the marketing field? (Minimum of 300 words)

2) Professional development matters in our field. A lot, in fact. We learn from each other, marketing publications, and working with our clients to find new ways to approach things. What does professional development mean to you and how do you make yourself better? (Maximum of 500 words)

Congratulations, Emma!


We are happy to announce our latest recipient of the Women in Marketing Scholarship, Emma Galasso. Emma is currently a senior at The Ohio State University, pursuing a degree in Business with a specialization in Marketing. She is returning from a three-semester absence, during which she worked on two feature films. When she isn’t pursuing her next career goal, she can be found riding horses, playing video games, or training her dog, Enzo.