Surprisingly, even in today’s world, a world of sleek technology that puts high value on aesthetic appeal and smart thinking, marketers still get confronted with the question of why does something need to look and sound good.

Even more surprisingly, this question seems to get more and more difficult to answer – probably because it’s so unexpected. Nonetheless, you have to have an answer when someone mentions that they can build a logo or website themselves “because there are all sorts of great free programs on the internets.”

So, five quick thoughts…

  • “Let the bakers bake. Let the designers design.” The world is made up of all sorts of interesting people talented in all sorts of interesting things. Don’t put your brand in jeopardy in the interest of saving a couple bucks. It’ll kill you in the long run.
  • Good marketing is much more than work that just sounds and looks good. It has a concept behind it, something that was derived from hours upon hours of brainstorming and strategic development. Always keep that in mind.
  • Take a look around you right now. What brands are you surrounded by? What kind of computer are you using? What type of phone are you reading this on? What kind of shoes do you have on? Chances are, you’re surrounded by brands that put a lot of thought and energy into their marketing; brands that trust experts with such strategic advertising and brand development.
  • It’s your brand – your baby, if you will. Something you’ve grown, nurtured, laughed with, cried with, etc., etc. Why would you not want it to look or sound its absolute best? If someone you care about is sick, you suggest they go to a doctor. If your brand is “sick”, why wouldn’t you send it to someone who is a specialist in making it better?
  • It’s a safe assumption to say that humans like beautiful things. Whether decorated visually or rich in content, people like things that stir a response. Great advertising can and should accomplish this for your brand. This positions your brand for success.

Thanks for reading.