The Korte Company is one of the largest design-builders in the U.S. In fact, they helped invent the design-build methodology. The Korte Company is well versed in a variety of markets — ranging from Department of Defense work to healthcare and education.

The problem: Despite strong monthly traffic numbers, The Korte Company’s site wasn’t optimized to convert visitors into leads.

The solution: analyze existing traffic and optimize high-traffic pages by changing layout and creating relevant downloadable content to convert more visitors into leads.

The result: a 650% increase in monthly website contact generation over two years.

The Korte Company
“We’ve seen steady growth in traffic and leads since launching the new site back in 2015. By refining our digital marketing strategy to focus on the biggest conversion opportunities, we’ve seen more engaged visitors that convert into tangible leads for the business development team to pursue. Obviously, Gorilla has played a key role in that process.”

-Todd Imming, CMO, The Korte Company

The problem

As a well-established company in the construction industry with a reputation for phenomenal work, The Korte Company never had a problem generating traffic to their website. The combination of a strong brand and a CMO who understood the value of content marketing resulted in a steady flow of traffic coming into the company site back in early 2015.

Despite having a large amount of consistent traffic coming into the site each month, visitors weren’t converting into leads. While the website was performing well from a branding perspective, it functioned more as a digital sales brochure than a lead generation tool.

It featured imagery of their best projects, a blog with educational content, company news, market pages and even had a few downloadable white papers to convert top-of-funnel traffic into leads. The Korte Company website had all the bases covered regarding the critical components of a B2B website as a sales tool. However, just as important as it is to have educational content and top-of-funnel downloadable guides to convert visitors, those guides need to be strategically placed in meaningful ways that prompt a download.

The solution

The Korte Company’s site needed to use the content they produced more effectively. Gorilla 76 was tasked with restructuring the site in a way that would result in more visitors converting into leads. The need to rework conversion paths resulted in a full-blown site redesign over the course of several months, as well as continued development of premium content pieces to fill the site’s highest-traffic pages.

For instance, the homepage is almost always the highest traffic page on a site, making it the online storefront of your business. We cleaned up the navigation, laying out The Korte Company’s services and the markets they serve to help the right visitors at the right stage of their buying process find valuable lead generating content more easily. We added relevant markets and services that helped visitors find exactly what they were looking for.

Once we determined the key paths a visitor could take on the website, we identified high traffic pages that deserved unique, premium content in the form of white papers, case studies and guides.

These service- and industry-specific downloadables serve a specific purpose: Get educational and qualifying content in front of visitors that prompt an exchange of contact information for useful resources. The Korte Company’s marketing team can then pass that information on to the business development team to help start sales conversations and close deals.

After the initial website rebuild was complete, we continued the strategy of identifying high-traffic pages and augmenting those pages with high-quality content focused on educating visitors, qualifying The Korte Company as an industry expert and converting visitors into leads.

For example, we identified “warehouse construction” and “distribution center construction” as search terms that were driving traffic to a few specific pages on The Korte Company’s site. These are highly profitable keywords, and the associated pages that rank drive around 1,100 visitors a month through organic search. Once we realized qualified visitors were finding our site for these types of terms, we created The Complete Guide to Warehouse Construction, a premium guide that teaches facility managers and owners the ins and outs of warehouse construction. The guide has generated 189 new leads to date by asking visitors for their contact information in exchange for the downloadable PDF. These are leads earlier on in their buying process, giving The Korte Company’s business development team the opportunity to nurture them into paying customers.

Content development for opportunity markets is also a staple of The Korte Company’s marketing strategy. For example, “hangar construction” was identified as a growth opportunity by the sales team, so we developed blog content that addressed common design and cost challenges associated with building hangars. The end result? Ranking for hangar construction terms and generating a customer who has signed off on a pre-construction deal that could lead to an $8 million job.

The results

By focusing on high-traffic pages that could be turned into lead generating machines, improving the overall user experience and expanding search market presence, we were able to increase monthly contact generation on the website by 650% in two years, going from an average of 27 contacts a month to 202 contacts a month.


Each quarter we assessed the biggest opportunities to pursue based on The Korte Company’s existing website data, making adjustments to key pages and creating new content to generate more qualified leads.

All successful online marketing campaigns start with an audit of your existing online presence to determine where the opportunity lies. If you’re ready for an assessment of where the online opportunity is for your industrial business, request a consultation today to get the conversation started.