So this whole Twitter thing – had us befuddled for quite a bit. We couldn’t really figure out why anyone would care when we were eating breakfast, working on layouts, editing copy or burning time on Facebook. But we joined anyway, chalking it up as an exercise in professional development.

We created the account this past fall, but that was about the extent of our involvement. The account sat stagnant for quite some time. We had no profile, no picture, no cool layout and no followers.

With the new year upon us and a renewed dedication to learning the modern communication landscape inside and outside, it was time to befriend Twitter – and so we befriended. Come to find out – it’s pretty cool.

We’ve dedicated our page to brand elevation. We’ll report daily, relevant and interesting findings that relate to what we do. Sure, people who want to know if we are reaching for toast or cereal in the morning might be disappointed. But those looking for new and interesting ways to elevate a brand – well, in theory, they’ll come back to our page again and again.

If you have a minute, check out our feed. If you follow us, we’ll follow you.

Twitter / gorilla76