Our five core values

Results, improvement, relationships, kindness and inclusivity. They’re at the root of all that we do and the culture we’re building.

Results. We succeed for our clients. We celebrate their achievements. This gives us purpose in what we do. It creates a stable work environment.

Improvement. We get better every day. This makes our work more effective and each of us more valuable. We believe that a commitment to improvement is the path to becoming the best in industrial marketing. We believe it’s the key to keeping our great workforce.

Relationships. Our clients and teammates make us the firm we are today. And they determine where we’re going tomorrow. Building and nurturing strong relationships is important for work that’s fulfilling. It leads to retention and happiness.

Kindness. We’re good people. We act with integrity. We demonstrate a commitment to ethics and kindness and appreciate everyone’s contributions. This is a value that’s bigger than work. This is a value that helps us all leave the world better than we found it.

Inclusivity. We don’t just invite different perspectives to the table, we ask them to be a part of the conversation as well.

The Gorilla Manifesto

The Gorilla Manifesto is a document that outlines our company philosophy, core values and what we believe is the right way to do business. It’s the responsibility of our employees to make sure that they’re always current on the document and working towards exemplifying its principles. Read it often. Live its principles.

Attendance, punctuality and dependability

We’re small, and if one of our team members is absent, we feel it. Timely and regular attendance is an expectation for all Gorilla 76 employees.

Typically, our full-time employees work an average of 40 or more hours per week. As described in our PTO policy, you are also permitted time off for a variety of reasons. We want you to use this time off — you need to get away once in a while.

All approved days taken under the above policy are just that — approved. If, however, an employee begins to use time beyond his/her allocation of days, depending on the circumstances, it may be considered as excessive.

To ensure adequate staffing, positive employee morale and to meet expected productivity standards throughout the organization, employees will be held accountable for adhering to their work schedule. In the event you are unable to meet this expectation, please let us know in advance — chances are that it might be covered under our PTO policy.

While we don’t specify a given number of unexcused days that you may miss or times you may be late, any frequent occurrences — in our judgment — will result in a discussion with the employee. Should the situation continue, further disciplinary action will be considered.

Work from wherever

Provided you can be productive from anywhere, and you don’t have a conflicting meeting that requires your in-person attendance, you’re welcome to work from wherever you do your best work. No matter your location or time zone, you’re expected to meet all deadlines and honor any work and meeting commitments you have.

Oh, and if you’re logging on at a coffee shop or similar, please don’t ever use unsecured Wi-Fi. More on this and our tech stipend you get every paycheck later.

Currently, we only employ those authorized to work in the United States.


We’re a casual work environment and so is our attire. There will be occasions when we have meetings with clients (whether in-person or virtual), and we may ask you to alter your dress for such.

Additionally, you should be cognizant of dress codes when visiting clients. Oftentimes their dress code and ours don’t match. Please respect their normal attire unless advised differently. It’s the professional thing to do.


Need a break? Take it. Generally, employees take two breaks a day — one in the morning and one in the afternoon. While we don’t closely monitor your break times most employees take between 10-15 minutes.

Again, we’re a little relaxed on lunch breaks. Thirty minutes is our norm and we typically eat our lunch when we have a break in our work.

Outside employment

Outside employment with competitors of Gorilla 76 or companies that provide related services is prohibited.

Outside employment is permissible only if it does not interfere, compete or conflict with our interests and provided that it does not hinder the employee’s ability to meet the responsibilities and demands of assigned job duties. Freelance work is allowed, provided it passes the aforementioned test. Many Gorillas do it, and it’s a great way to hone your craft and make some extra income.

An employee must obtain approval from Jon or Joe before accepting any outside employment. All employees will be judged by the same performance standards and will be subject to the employer’s scheduling demands, regardless of any existing outside work requirements.

If Gorilla 76 determines that an employee’s outside work interferes with performance or the ability to meet the requirements of an employee’s job, the employee may be asked to terminate the outside employment if they wish to remain with Gorilla 76.

Use of equipment

Company equipment, such as copiers, laptops and cameras are essential in accomplishing job duties. They’re expensive and may be difficult to replace. When using property, employees are asked to exercise care, perform required maintenance and follow all operating instructions, safety standards and guidelines.

Accidents do happen, so please let us know if any equipment appears to be damaged, defective or in need of repair. We’ll get it fixed, and we’ll learn how we can avoid it happening again.

Computer and email usage

Computers, computer files, the e-mail system, other electronic hardware and software furnished to employees are Gorilla 76 property intended for business use. Employees are advised that email, Internet access, computers and related programs are business property and not the personal property of the employee.

Incidental personal use of email or Internet access is permitted, but only if it does not violate any of the restrictions or guidelines in this policy.

Because Gorilla 76 owns the computers, computer files, the e-mail system, other electronic hardware and software furnished and pays for that access, everything in and on these tools is the exclusive property of Gorilla 76. Employees should have no expectations of privacy with respect to use of computers, computer files, the e-mail system, other electronic hardware and software furnished. Employees do not have a reasonable expectation that information sent, received, created, edited, downloaded or stored (temporarily or permanently) using Gorilla 76’s information systems or technology is private or confidential. Gorilla 76 reserves the right to monitor any such information.

Gorilla 76 strives to maintain an inclusive workplace free of harassment and sensitive to the diversity of its employees. Therefore, Gorilla 76 prohibits the use of information systems and technology in ways that are disruptive, offensive to others or harmful to morale.

Gorilla 76 may block access to certain websites at its discretion. Available access to a site does not constitute approval of that site. Do not access sites that may injure Gorilla 76’s public image (you know the kind of sites we’re talking about!).

Employees are advised that any unauthorized use of email, voicemail, Company telephones or computers or offensive or derogatory websites will subject the employee to loss of access, firm disciplinary actions and termination of employment as well as civil and/or criminal liability.

Use or copying of any software product in violation of the applicable license agreement is strictly prohibited. All computers purchased and used by Gorilla 76 are being supplied with licensed copies of software programs.

Business expenses

We’ll reimburse employees for reasonable business travel expenses incurred while on assignments away from the normal work location, when supported by the required documentation and expense reports. From time-to-time, we’ll adjust various rates — such as mileage reimbursement—depending on government guidelines.

If any business expense is significant — or above the “norm” — check with one of us prior to committing to the expense. Don’t worry — we know you have to spend money to make money. We simply like to make sure we’re spending in a way that is in line with our growth goals.

Data security

We work with confidential information. And all too often we read about security breaches at numerous organizations. It’s absolutely critical that we take prudent measures to protect our information.

While we routinely use computers throughout our day, the following should serve as a refresher to help ensure information is treated properly.

Never store confidential information on a personal computer — use the one we provided to you. Make sure it’s always password protected. The use of public and/or unsecured Wi-Fi is strictly prohibited. Use only our secure system, and work offline or toggle off a hotspot when in public places – after all, that’s why you get a tech stipend added to every paycheck.

Finally, please make sure to change passwords often. While it may seem like a hassle, data security is of the utmost importance and something we take very seriously at Gorilla. If you ever believe any of your passwords or accounts have been compromised, report to Joe, Jon and/or Elyse immediately so it can be addressed thoroughly and properly.

Social media

The goal of social media and blogging is to become a part of the industry conversation and promote the sharing of ideas. Social networking and blogging is used to convey information about Company products and services, promote and raise awareness of the Gorilla 76 brand, search for potential new markets, communicate with employees and customers to brainstorm, issue or respond to breaking news or negative publicity, and more.

When social networking, blogging or using other forms of web-based forums, Gorilla 76 must ensure that use of these communications maintains our brand identity, integrity and reputation while minimizing actual or potential legal risks, whether used inside or outside the workplace.

As part of your job, you may do a significant amount of social media work for both Gorilla 76 and clients. It’s your job and we want you to do it. There may be times, however, when you personally use blogging or social networks when not conducting company business. The guides below are for these occasions.

If an employee chooses to identify themselves as a Gorilla 76 employee, some readers may view them as a spokesperson. So employees may be asked to state their blog views or social networking area as their own and not those of the Company, nor of any person or organization affiliated or doing business with Gorilla.

Employees are cautioned that they should have no expectation of privacy while using the Internet. Postings may be reviewed by anyone. We reserve the right to monitor comments or discussions about Gorilla, its employees, clients and the industry, including products and competitors, posted on the Internet by anyone, including employees and non-employees.

Employees should always be cognizant of their online presence, realizing that interactions in social media either on behalf of the company, or personally, are searchable and visible to clients and prospects. It’s critical to understand the impact of online interaction can have on careers and the firm’s business.

Employees, who are blogging or communicating about work-related matters, must be clear that they speak for themselves and not for Gorilla 76. The writer must be identified throughout the text in the first person and make clear that they are speaking only on their own behalf.

Employees must be truthful in their communications and refrain from making defamatory statements against Gorilla 76, its clients, Founders and employees.

Performance reviews / professional development

While employees are strongly encouraged to discuss job performance and goals on an informal, day-to-day basis, formal goal setting will be conducted in January of each year, with quarterly check-ins throughout the year in which an employee’s progress will be measured and discussed. Unless otherwise stated, employees will be expected to meet goals by the end of the calendar year.

At each quarterly check-in, employees will be asked to talk about where they have room for improvement. These thoughts, as well as any gathered during peer feedback and/or discussed between Jon, Joe, Elyse and/or the Gorilla’s manager, will then be used to create the quarter’s assigned professional development. Everything will be tracked in Bamboo and will be kept in the same tab as an employee’s goals.

This process will typically focus on:

  • Goals of organization
  • Areas of opportunity
  • Application of new skills/agency learning
  • Core value alignment

Employees will be expected to finish assigned reading/professional development during the given quarter, as well as discuss learning/application to agency with Jon, Joe, Elyse and/or manager at check-ins.

Progressive discipline

The purpose of a progressive discipline policy is to correct unacceptable workplace behavior. Gorilla 76’s own best interest lies in ensuring fair treatment of all employees and in making certain that disciplinary actions are prompt, uniform and impartial.

Disciplinary action may call for any of four steps — verbal warning, written warning, suspension with or without pay, or termination of employment — depending on the severity of the problem and the number of occurrences. There may be circumstances when one or more steps are bypassed.

Gorilla 76 recognizes that there are certain types of employee problems that are serious enough to justify either a suspension, or, in extreme situations, termination of employment, without going through the usual progressive discipline steps.

By using progressive discipline, we hope that most employee problems can be corrected at an early stage, benefiting both the employee and Gorilla 76. Turnover isn’t good for anyone — so we avoid it whenever possible.

Smoking policy

Gorilla 76 is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to promoting the health and well-being of its employees. It’s the policy of Gorilla 76 to prohibit smoking on all company premises in order to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. This policy applies to all employees, clients and visitors.

Open-door policy

We’re committed to creating a great work environment. We want a place where everyone’s voice is heard, where issues are promptly raised and resolved, and where communication flows across our organization. Openness is essential to quickly resolve customer concerns, to recognize business issues as they arise, and to address any employee issues or concerns.

If you have a question, concern, suggestion or just want to talk, our doors are open – whether in-person or virtual. We mean that. Stop by and talk with either of the Founders — Jon or Joe — anytime.

Dog policy

We’re a dog-friendly office. That means, provided your dog is friendly, vaccinated (must be up-to-date), well-trained, housebroken and plays well with others, your pup is welcome to come to Gorilla. We, of course, reserve the right to ban any dog, at any time, from the office. And there are certain areas in the office where dogs are not allowed, so make sure you’re familiar with all office rules.

There’s a one-strike rule for any incidences of serious biting and there’s a three-strike rule for general misbehavior and/or instances of not being housebroken.

Because our office is small, we only allow one dog at a time. So before you bring in your pup, please coordinate with your coworkers.

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