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tea-and-blackfigs: I love this ‘fade out chair’ from supertalent Canadian-Japanese designer Nendo, it’s painted in such detail that the ‘wooden’ parts actually look like wood and this gives the effect of the bottom half being shrouded in fog or mist….or just disappearing into thin air…dig it.

I need this the next time my family starts complaining about how much they hate my life’s work – advertising. I have to admit though, it is pretty annoying.

LET’S SIP. NOT GUZZLE. Let’s leave the off-road vehicles off road. Let’s stop pretending we live in the jungle. Let’s stop intimidating each other. Let’s not use the size of our vehicle to compensate for other shortcomings. Let’s reclaim our garage space. Let’s be nimble. Let’s be quick. Let’s be honest. LET’S MOTOR. MINI COOPER...

Cool stuff from the guys at STL-Style – representing our city. Check out their prints, t-shirts, etc.

A Brief Explanation Of Why Minecraft Matters Get the skinny on Minecraft: an open-ended game — developed by one person — with over a million copies sold. The article is a couple months old, and the team has since grown. But the guy who started it all is a prolific Tumblr…er, when he’s not busy...
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