10 lessons from 10 influencers in our first 10 years

Joe Sullivan by Joe Sullivan

Gorilla turns a decade old this July. Here are ten of the most important lessons we’ve learned in our first ten years of business and the people behind them.

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Behold: The single finest piece of content marketing I’ve ever seen

Kyle Fiehler by Kyle Fiehler

There’s been much discussion about the state of content marketing going on around the web. Here’s why I think it’ll be just fine.

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Doctor’s orders for smarter work

Jon Franko by Jon Franko

A good marketing agency is like a doctor, not a waiter. This blog post explains.

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One-off SEO vs. a Long Term Partnership

Tommy O'Shaughnessy by Tommy O'Shaughnessy

Historically, different online marketing channels like SEO have been siloed to different departments or agencies. However, 2016 is a much different time...

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Managing an inbound marketing account

Masha Popelyukhina by Masha Popelyukhina

Or in other words, what I do on a daily basis. I won’t give you a play-by-play of a regular Tuesday in the office but I will explain my role in this agency.

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How to prepare for an interview at a marketing agency

Brooke Wiley by Brooke Wiley

On the hunt for a job in a marketing agency? Here are some of our best interview tips.

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7 Ground rules for successful industrial services marketing

Alex Sagi by Alex Sagi

Long sales cycles, bid lists, competition — industrial services marketing is a marathon. Stand out and generate leads with a customer-centric strategy.

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Out of the office reply: A few thoughts on building a Gorilla

Jon Franko by Jon Franko

I’m writing this post as I sit in the backseat of a Ford pickup on my way to Nevada. Missouri. It’s pronounced Ne-VAY-dah around these parts. Don’t ask – it’s a “Missoura” thing. I’m going snow-goose hunting. It’s late winter. The temps are trending up. And the birds are moving north for the Spring. It’s Tuesday. I left work early. And I’m not going to the office tomorrow. Or Thursday.

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Tactical guide for B2B companies to getting content picked up by industry journals

Sultana Mangal by Sultana Mangal

It takes a lot more than just a great piece of content to get picked up by editors. Here's a tactical guide for B2B companies to getting published.

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